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A Look at the Short-to-Feature Path of Sundance Filmmakers Adamma & Adanne Ebo

It’s satire, but not a mockumentary. It was a short film, but with big risks. Now it’s the feature Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.

Adamma Ebo and Adanne Ebo are not only collaborators, they’re identical twins. Adanne Ebo began as a lawyer, and Adamma was a dreamer. But above all, they both loved story.

The Ebo sisters grew up with Southern Megachurches. On the one hand, they were community-building. On the other, they were eye-raising.

Writer/director Adamma Ebo had an idea for a satirical exploration of for-profit religion with this in mind.

However, it involved the interweaving of two different styles: cinematic and faux-documentary. She wasn’t completely sure it would work. So with Adanne as producer, they made a short to explore it. The film worked, got spotlighted by Issa Rae, and now the feature starring Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown just premiered at Sundance.

Adamma and Adanne Ebo spoke with No Film School after the film’s premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival to talk about their process of making Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.

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Author: Oakley Anderson-Moore
This article comes from No Film School and can be read on the original site.

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