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Is the New Canon EOS R5 C the Perfect Hybrid Camera?

Today we’re bringing your attention to one of the best cameras for shooting video–along with photos.

Canon recently announced the EOS R C, a hybrid camera that is ideal for event shooters, photojournalists, and drone users who capture stills and video over the course of their workday.

As a freelancer, deciding which camera on the market suits your needs best can be overwhelming. You want to get something that you know will deliver, and Canon is a proven company that delivers that quality of product.

B&H did an excellent breakdown of the new camera on their site, which you can view here.

You can also watch them go over the full specs in their video analysis below.

This new installment in the Canon line-up has combined some of the features you love from its predecessors. Expect a full-frame 45 MP resolution, 12-bit Cinema RAW Light internal video capture, HDMI RAW output, Canon Log 3, HLG and PQ HDR, and unlimited recording length.

It’s a truly versatile camera!

Will you be picking up this new camera from Canon? Let us know in the comments!

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