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Seth Rogen Delivers a Rallying Cry for Cinema

I’ll be perfectly honest: 2024 has been a really hard year in Hollywood so far. It feels like every other day, we’re getting a depressing story about layoffs, the shrinking industry, contractions, and they all can really kill your spirit.

Most of us are doing this because it’s our heart’s work. We have to—otherwise, a part of us will shrivel up and die.

So it’s nice to hear someone come out and deliver the motivational rallying cry we all need to hear.

In a recent interview with Variety, our stoner savior Seth Rogen stepped into the spotlight and delivered something I think we all need to hear right now. Mr. Rogen said:

“Last year, lots of movies did very well. I think if movies were going go away, they would have a long time ago. Paintings are still around. People still go to museums! There’s things flashier or more ‘interesting’ than then oil on canvas, but people still flock from all over the world, enough to keep museums open. Not a ton of people have to like movies to keep movies going. It’s always been a very small percentage of the population that actually goes and sees movies.”

For me, I felt like he was delivering this on horseback before leading me into battle, man.

I have to admit: parts of this year have gotten to me, and we’re not even halfway through yet. But I think all of Hollywood needs to be reminded that if we build it, they will come. If we continue to make things and put them in theaters, we will get an audience to watch.

And if we make great things, those audiences will multiply.

Let me know what you think of this great quote in the comments.

Author: Jason Hellerman
This article comes from No Film School and can be read on the original site.

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