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Illuminate Your Film with One Light, Just Like These Hollywood Movies

How can you get creative in your lighting?

We all know the importance of three-point lighting setups in narrative work. At times, we may see creatives using more lights to cover a whole scene. But what can creatives do with just one light?

Again, the common rule in lighting is using three lights. A key light to illuminate your subject, a fill light to control your contrast, and a backlight to give separation.

However, there are moments on set where this kind of setup takes more time than you have. Or maybe there’s a more creative choice to be made that the three-point lighting concept just can’t deliver. Maybe you’re a filmmaker who can’t afford more than one light!

You may think that using just one light isn’t enough, but Hollywood films have a myriad of scenes that are just light with a single light source. Yes, some of them are also using practicals found on location, but they only have one additional light.

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Author: Yaroslav Altunin
This article comes from No Film School and can be read on the original site.

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