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How Do You Make a Living as a Filmmaker? Candid Answers from Directors at Sundance

Babysitter, Uber driver, restaurant server, and comic book clerk are a few of the jobs that filmmakers held to get them to Sundance.

It’s an age-old question for filmmakers. How do you make money?

Most of us would love to be hired to come in every day and direct the movie in our heads. But where exactly is that job posting, again?

In today’s landscape, most indie films are directed on spec in the hopes that money can be made when the film picks up distribution. So while you are trying to get your film made, how do you survive? We asked a handful of Sundance filmmakers about their strategy for survival, and if they had any odd jobs that worked for them.

What did we learn? You can play at the Sundance Film Festival, and your dad will still ask you when you’re getting a “real job.”

Working jobs in the “real world” builds character

For Gabriela Ortega, director of Huella, the jobs she worked before landing in the VO world are what taught her human behavior.

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Author: Oakley Anderson-Moore
This article comes from No Film School and can be read on the original site.

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