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An Exploration into the (Surprisingly) Bright Future of Stock Footage

The stock footage game is changing, and so should you.

What if you were told that stock footage is a cool thing that film and video professionals should check out. What is this—1999?

C’mon, most of the time, stock footage is about as exciting as filming paint drying. (This is a joke, but I seriously had to do this one time for a construction client…)

But what if we told you that just because something has always been boring, and old, and done the same way, it doesn’t always have to be that way? We learned from some of the sharp (and sincere filmmaking) minds behind Filmpac that there’s a surprisingly bright future for stock footage.

Let’s look a bit deeper into Filmpac, its founder Caleb Rexius, and where future-minded filmmakers and content creators can use these innovations for their projects and careers. We even have a free starter pack for No Film School readers!

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