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Skydio’s Keyframe Feature Is Changing Filmmaking Drones

Drone maker Skydio has a new automated shot design feature that should have filmmakers paying attention.

In the world of filmmaking, the drone market has been dominated by a single name, DJI. While contenders like GoPro and Parrot have tried to work their way in, DJI has remained at the top of the heap.

Skydio, best known among action and sports shooting enthusiasts for their excellent object tracking and self-flying features, are now out with a feature that is aimed squarely at filmmakers, Keyframe.

Keyframe is being released alongside the brand new Skydio 2+ drone, but in a nice moment of corporate goodwill, Keyframe will also be available on the normal Skydio 2. Because of schedules in testing, we only reviewed the feature on the Skydio 2.


Before we dig into Keyframe in particular, let’s talk about Skydio for a moment. Their whole thing is amazing autonomy. There are some great comparison videos online showing how much better Skydio is at following subjects than the competition, especially through thickets of trees and other obstructions.

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Author: Charles Haine
This article comes from No Film School and can be read on the original site.

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