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Students—Got Ideas but No Camera? Apply for the Sony Artisan Scholarship!

If you’re currently enrolled in higher education, #SONYEDU is offering $5K of Sony equipment for your next project.

You’re in college. You’ve got ideas. What don’t you have? Extra cash lying around to buy all the gear you need for your next film!

#SONYEDU gets it. College is expensive. That’s why they are offering the first-ever Artisan Scholarship Program.

First, how does the scholarship work?

It’s pretty simple. You apply with a project you’re passionate about. If you’re picked, #SONYEDU will not only give you $5K worth of cutting-edge Sony equipment to shoot it, but also pair you with a world-class Sony Artisan of Imagery mentor and get you tech training directly from Sony PRO Support.

Five creators will be picked for the Class of 2021 Artisan Scholarship.

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