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GNARBOX Shows Us Why Feature-Rich Gear Is NOT Useful

GNARBOX, the creator of a popular SSD backup device, seems to be gone, even though you can still buy its products. But can you still use them?

To start, we believe you should not buy any GNARBOX SSD products at this time.

According to PetaPixel, GNARBOX seems to be in limbo, with the original founding team no longer part of the company. In a statement to the blog, Tim Feess, the original founder and former CEO, explains that he and the “former management team is no longer with the company and hasn’t been since 11/5/2021.”

As of this time, the GNARBOX website is also gone.

Whatever is left of the company is now in the hands of whoever invested in the company. Unfortunately, anyone able to shed light on the issue is unable, due to ongoing legal matters. If you’d like to dig deeper on what happened, read PetaPixel’s breakdown on the timeline of events and speculation.

While we wish the company the best, the most important thing for us is what current users of GNARBOX can do, or not do, as well as what this means for film gear in general.

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Author: Yaroslav Altunin
This article comes from No Film School and can be read on the original site.

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