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Nikon more than doubles the dual-format burst performance of the Z9 with 1.10 firmware update

Nikon has released a firmware update for its Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera that increases the camera’s burst length for dual-format capture, more than double the rate possible in the Z9’s 1.00 firmware.

According to Nikon, firmware version 1.10 for the Nikon Z9 allows photographs to be captured at 20 frames per second (fps) for up to eight seconds when shooting in ‘NEF/RAW (high-efficiency★) + JPEG basic (large)’ mode. This is a five second increase from the previous firmware version. Of course, these stats come with caveats, with Nikon noting it conducted this test with a Nikkor Z 50mm F1.8 S lens attached and a ProGrade Digital COBALT 1700R 325GB CFexpress memory card inside. Nikon also notes these rates will drop it ‘Backup’ is selected for ‘Role played by card in Slot 2’ or ‘Auto Distortion Control’ is turned on.

Other improvements in the firmware included the ability to select and deselect ‘Filtered playback criteria’ in the ‘Playback Menu’ and a bug fix that caused an issue with synchronizing the shutter when using an SB-5000 flash in specific circumstances. Below are the conditions in which the flash issue occurred:

  • A shutter speed faster than the flash sync speed was selected with 1/200 s (Auto FP) or 1/250 s (Auto FP) chosen for Custom Setting e1 Flash sync speed in the CUSTOM SETTINGS MENU.
  • The SB-5000 was controlled via radio AWL using an optional WR-R10 or WR-R11a wireless remote controller mounted on the camera.
  • The flash unit was not mounted on the camera accessory shoe.

Firmware version 1.10 for the Nikon Z9 is avaialble to download for macOS and Windows computers for free through Nikon’s Download Center.

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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