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Moment’s new CineFlare Streak filters promise anamorphic-style flares without a specialized lens

Moment, the company behind numerous photo accessories like filters, bags, cameras and much more, has announced the CineFlare Streak filter. The new filter is the ‘secret sauce for adding anamorphic-like flares to your footage without using a specialty lens.’ Rather than shelling out the money for a specialized anamorphic lens, something that Moment itself offers for mobile devices and drones, you can attach the new CineFlare Streak filter to a traditional camera lens on your mirrorless or DSLR camera and achieve a classic cinematic look in your photos and videos.

The CineFlare Streak filter is available in 67mm, 77mm and 82mm filter sizes and comes in two variants, a ‘Blue Streak’ version and a ‘Gold Streak’ version. The names give away the difference between the versions. The former creates a blue streak of flare and the latter a gold streak. You can see the difference in the comparison shot below.

Moment CineFlare Streak filter – Blue Streak (left) versus Gold Streak (right)

The filter’s ring is made from machine aluminum, and the housing is rotatable so you can adjust the flare angle. The ‘premium Japanese optical glass’ promises a sharp, crisp image. The filter uses a 30-layer coating, including anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and anti-oil coatings. The filter itself has a front ring, so you can stack additional filters, such as a Moment CineBloom filter for what Moment calls an ‘ultra-dreamy’ look. The CineFlare Streak filter is 6.8mm deep, and its weight ranges from 25 grams to 35g.

Sample images shot with the Moment CineFlare Streak filters

Of course, the new filter gives you classic anamorphic-like flare, but it doesn’t produce the same appearance as an anamorphic lens. But, if you don’t need an anamorphic lens and would prefer to have just the stylized flare, the new Moment filter should fit the bill. You can always use an adapter ring if you don’t have a lens with a 67mm, 77mm or 82mm filter size. The filter is even compatible with all of Moment’s M-Series Lenses, so you can use it on mobile devices.

The Moment CineFlare Streak Filters start at $84.99 for the 67mm size. The 77mm and 82mm sizes are $94.99 and $99.99, respectively. The Blue Streak and Gold Streak versions cost the same, and the filters are shipping now. For more information, visit Moment.

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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