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Techart’s new TZG-01 adapter lets you mount Contax G-mount lenses to Nikon Z-mount cameras

Techart has announced its new TZG-01 adapter, the first-ever Contax G-mount to Nikon Z-mount autofocus lens adapter. Now, Nikon Z owners can pick up the highly-regarded Contax G-mount lenses designed for Contax’s G1 and G2 rangefinders in the mid-90s.

This new TZG-01 adapter is based around the same design Techart used for its TA-GA3 Contax G-mount to Sony E-mount autofocus adapter it released back in 2014. Techart says the TZG-01 adapter is constructed of aluminum and copper alloy and features a new 32-bit ARM CPU for transmitting autofocus and metadata information. The adapter includes internal flocking to minimize light penetration.

An AF motor built into the adapter will drive the screw AF system on the Carl Zeiss G-mount lenses and works in both AF-S and AF-C shooting modes, in addition to manual focus, which is controlled using a small dial on the side of the adapter. Techart says the adapter fully supports in-body image stabilization (IBIS) as well as all of the AF modes, including dynamic area AF, auto area AF and single-point AF. All of these functions should work while shooting video as well, according to Techart.

Below is a full list of the lenses Techart says is supported by the adapter:

  • Carl Zeiss T* Biogon 21mm F2.8
  • Carl Zeiss T* Biogon 28mm F2.8
  • Carl Zeiss T* Planar 35mm F2
  • Carl Zeiss T* Planar 45mm F2
  • Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar 90mm F2.8
  • Carl Zeiss T* Vario Sonnar 35–70mm F3.5–5.6

The adapter features an integrated Micro USB port for updating the firmware down the road and weighs only 119g (4.2oz). As always, there are a few precautions Techart says you should keep in mind while shooting with the adapter. First, if shooting video, wide-area AF and dynamic-area AF are most preferred. Also, focusing performance will be best when the lens’ aperture is set to its widest and you’ll want to make sure the camera is turned off before switching lenses on the adapter, otherwise the adapter might become temporarily bricked until you turn off and back on your camera again.

The adapter is currently available to purchase for $299. All purchases from the Techart online shop come with a one-year warranty.

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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