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Irix announces new line of ultra-thin 2-5 stop variable ND filters, starting at $130

Optics manufacturer Irix has announced the release of its new Irix Edge variable neutral density (VND) filters, which block between two to five stops of light and are some of the thinnest VND filters on the market.

The Irix Edge Vari-ND 2–5 filters are constructed of coated aluminum, use high-quality glass with 24 coatings and measure only 4.7mm thin for the Magnetic Mount System (MMS) version (6.2mm for the screw-in version). These new filters block between two to five stops of light with the twist of the front filter and are ‘as [color] neutral as possible.’ Irix says it chose this range, as it offers the benefits of blocking a significant amount of light without dramatically impacting image quality.

In addition to the more conventional screw-in filters we’re accustomed to seeing, Irix also made an MMS version. This model uses the magnets inside of Irix’s cinema lenses to easily pop on and off as needed without having to constantly screw and unscrew the filter every time you swap lenses.

The screw-in filters are available for 67mm, 72mm, 82mm, 86mm and 95mm front filter threads while the MMS version is available in the 95mm front filter thread size used throughout Irix’s Cine lineup. Pricing starts at €115 (~$130) for the 67mm screw-in model and goes up to €215 (~$242) for the 95mm model. The MMS version retails for €225 (~$255).

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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