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The European Pine Marten (Martes Martes)

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The European pine marten (Martes martes), also known as the pine marten or the European marten, is a mustelid native to and widespread in Northern Europe. It is classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List. It is less commonly also known as baum marten, or sweet marten. The European pine marten’s fur is usually light to dark brown. It is short and coarse in the summer, growing longer and silkier during the winter. It has a cream- to yellow-coloured “bib” marking on its throat. Its body is up to 53 cm (21 in) long, with a bushy tail of about 25 cm (10 in). Males are slightly larger than females; typically, it weighs around 1.5–1.7 kg (3.3–3.7 lb). It has excellent senses of sight, smell, and hearing.

The European Pine Marten (Martes Martes) In Winter Digging A Hole In The Snow.

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