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Edit.Photo is a fast, free web app for editing your photographs

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PQINA, a Dutch agency focused on designing and developing ‘highly polished web components,’ has introduced Edit.Photo, a free browser-based photo editor that offers a fast and effective editor without any cookies, pop-ups, accounts, adds and tracking.

Edit.Photo is built on pintura, a Javascript Image Editor SDK also developed by PQINA. The web app works on both desktop and mobile browsers and is incredibly fast and intuitive. It offers all of the basic editing tools you might need to process a photo, including a crop/rotate tool, filters and a robust array of fine-tuning features, including brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, color temperature, clarity, vignette and more. As of now, Edit.Photo doesn’t support Raw formats, but any JPG or PNG image should work without any problem.

There are also additional options for annotating the image, adding frames to an image, redacting information from an image and even resizing an image. And all of it is done right in your browser, with a simple export option for saving to your computer or mobile device. There’s even a full-screen option that turns Edit.Photo into an even more app-like experience, which is especially helpful on smartphones, tablets and Chromebook devices.

While Edit.Photo might not be as capable as Capture One or Lightroom, it’s fast, intuitive and entirely free, which is more than most editing programs can say. Head on over to Edit.Photo to try it out. You can keep up with updates by following PQINA and its founder, Rik Schennink, on Twitter.

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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