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H&Y shows off its new magnetic fix for cross-polarization in Revoring variable ND

Filter manufacturer H&Y has launched a series of magnetic ND filters that it says are designed to eliminate cross-polarization effects in its 1.5-10 stop variable ND Revoring when used with wide angle lenses. The idea is to couple the new magnetic ND filters with the VND of the Revoring adding the two filters together so that the VND can be used at a lower strength where the X effect doesn’t occur.

The new clip-on ND filters come in ND4, 8, 16 and 400 strengths which can combine with the ND3-1000 variable filter in the Revoring. According to the company’s own figures you might expect to experience cross polarization with a 24mm lens at the 7-stop mark with the Revoring’s VND, so users could turn the VND to the 5-stop position and attach the ND4 (2-stops) magnetic filter to achieve a 7-stop effect.

Similarly to achieve a 10-stop ND effect with a 50mm lens users should turn the VND to the 6-stop position and attach the ND16 filter to add the extra 4-stops. The filters can also be combined to achieve much more powerful ND effects for extreme long exposures even in bright daylight conditions, and they can also be combined with any of the other Revorings that come with a filter permanently attached – such as the Black Mist series.

The company has also released its first circular polarizer in the Revoring format, which will also work with the new magnetic clip-on ND filters. H&Y says it has used Schott B270 glass for this filter, an anti-reflective coating that allows up to 97% of light to pass through and an anti-dust and moisture finish.

To protect the filters in the Revoring series the company has also announced sets of metal front and back-caps for the rings. The new front caps are magnetic and clip onto the Revorings in the same way the new ND filters do, while the rear caps use the twist mechanism that usually attaches to a lens. The caps comes as a front+back set and cost $24.99.

Three Revorings sizes are available, for lenses with filter threads of 46-62mm, 58-77mm and 67-82mm, and the clip-on ND filters need to be bought in the right size to pair with the Revoring in use.

The new CPL Revoring, the magnetic ND filters and the metal caps are all available now. For more information see the H&Y website.

Press Release

H&Y Unveiled the World’s First CPL Filter in Variable Step Adapter with Accessary Magnetic ND Clip-on Filters

H&Y Filters, the leading photography filter manufacturer based in Hong Kong, has announced the launch of a new variant CPL filter and Magnetic Clip-on ND in REVORING the variable adapter ring ecosystem. The REVORING CPL comes in 3 sizes: 46- 62mm, 58-77mm, 67-82mm; while the Magnetic Clip-on ND filter comes in 3 sizes same as above and 4 grades – ND4,8,16,400(2,3,4,8.5stops).

H&Y REVORING CPL FilterFirst Ever CPL Filter on Variable Adapter Ring

H&Y REVORING MRC CPL Filter is the first ever filter product that can fit in lenses of different thread sizes. It is a desirable solution for prime lenses users who need to use abundant of adapter rings or filters of different sizes. It saves time of screwing in and out the traditional CPL filters and change it to another lens; it saves space of storing a series of adapter rings or filters. Quickly switching filters from lens to another is highly achievable with H&Y REVORING CPL Filter for both run-and-gun shooters and steady indoor videographers.

REVORING Mechanics

REVORING features unique self-retracting blade technology with threaded ends to secure on the front of your lenses. Each threaded end has been designed to overlap; therefore, any possibility of light leak has been completely removed. All REVORING products are made using Architectural grade Aluminium, keeping it lightweight and tough. The anodized finish also protects the ring from corrosion when shooting outside in unpredicted elements.

Magnetic Caps for Higher Protection

Magnetic caps in High quality Aluminium and solid magnets for REVORING are available as a top-up option for steadfast protection of the glasses in the ring. Front cap is magnetic which means photographers and videographers can cover up their ring with a single hand, at the same time, the cap is securely mounted on. The back cap works the same when we twist the ring to mount it on a lens.

Glass and Coating

The German Schott B270® glass is used in making the Polariser filter. It includes Anti-Reflective coatings, which virtually eliminate all flare and reflections from the front and rear surfaces. This helps visible light to pass through the glass by removing unwanted reflections, giving the user the best possible light transmission (up to 97%), optimizing images for the sharpest possible outcome. Whether shooting at 16mm or 400mm, the glass and coatings used in our system produce sharp images, even at light reductions of up 10 stops. MRC means Multi Resistant Coating. The accelerated inert-gas ions condense the deposited material as a very solid layers, to make the glass dust and moisture resistant.

H&Y Magnetic Clip-on ND Filter for REVORING

H&Y Magnetic Clip-on Filter is compactible to REVORING with VND & CPL, REVORING with Black Mist Filter, REVORING with CPL, and other REVORING Variant, as long as there is a non- detachable filter on REVORING. For VND&CPL, a clip-on can be used for cross-polarisation solution or extension of the original 1-10stop ND range. For CPL, a sole ND8.5 can be used to achieve the dreamy long exposure effect. For Black Mist Filter, 2/3/4 stop ND can be used as a range of fixed ND filters as an aid to videography. H&Y aims to provide highly flexible choices for photographers’ hybrid use.

One-Snap Operation

The operation of H&Y ND Magnetic Clip-on filter requires just one simple snap. The strong Magnetic force will engage the filter and the REVORING together solidly, making the installation extremely quick for any types of shooting.

Solution For Cross-polarisation Phenomenon (X-pattern)

The Magnetic Clip-on filter was developed with the sole purpose to solve the cross- polarisation problem happened on traditional variable ND filters. Cross Polarisation is a physical phenomenon of all VND filters when paired up with wide angle lens. It makes an obvious “X-pattern” darken on the image. The wider the lens is, the earlier the “X-pattern” starts to appear.

To solve this problem, wide-angle lens users may now use the H&Y magnetic clip-on ND together with the H&Y Revoring VND filters to achieve the higher ND stop with no X-pattern seen. For instance, to use a 16mm lens with 10-stop ND , users can turn the ND level to 1.5 stop (on the Revoring VND filter) and use an extra 8.5 stop (Clip-on ND) to achieve a 10-stop long exposure effect.

Price and Availability

All the products are ready to order and ship via H&Y Filters official webstore ( and their authorized resellers. US Pricing (VAT excluded) are as below.

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