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Astounding aerial photos or amazing abstract art?

We’ve seen before just how impressive drone photographs can be. There are more and more drones available now, many of which are more than capable of capturing incredible footage. 

Drone photographers though, need more than the right equipment, the ability to fly and a knowledge of the regulations. They also need an eye for a great photo.  

Drones can be used for capturing all kinds of aerial images shot from above are often impressive. At the right angle though, sometimes they can look like a work of abstract art more than a simple snap of our world. 

Mike and JP Andrews working under the Instagram handle @abstractaerialart certainly have a flair for capturing these sorts of images. Take a journey with us through a collection of our favourite photos published by the two British brothers. 

Author: Adrian Willings
This article comes from Pocket-lint and can be read on the original site.

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