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Irix releases $1,350 21mm T1.5 cine lens for 7 different camera mounts

As promised in a teaser shared two days ago, optics manufacturer Irix has announced a new 21mm T1.5 lens designed for full-frame camera systems.

The Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 lens is constructed of 15 elements in 11 groups, including four extra-low dispersion elements, four high-refractive elements and two aspherical elements. This design produces a 43.3mm image circle compatible with sensors from full-frame all the way down to 1/3” sensors. The lens features a T1.5 through T16 aperture range, uses an 11-blade aperture diaphragm and has a minimum focusing distance of 30cm (11.8”).

Both the clickless aperture and focus rings feature a 180-degree rotation angle and use the standard Mod 0.8 M rings with 117 teeth for compatibility with most any follow-focus system. Irix says the lens is resistant to rain, sand, snow or dust and the distance markings are filled with UV-reactive paint for easier viewing in low-light environments.

An illustration showing the optical construction (left) and weatherproofing seals (right) of the Irix 21mm T1.5 lens.

This new 21mm T1.5 lens is available for Arri PL, Canon EF, Canon RF, L, MFT, Nikon Z and Sony E mount camera systems. Sizing slightly varies based on the lens mount, but Irix has designed it to be almost exactly the same size as its 30mm and 45mm T1.5 lenses in this lineup for easier swapping of lenses when you have a camera rigged up. Weight also varies slightly, but the lens weighs between 1054g (2.3lbs) for the MFT mount version and 1229g (2.7lbs) for the Nikon Z mount version.

The Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 lens will come with a carrying pouch as well as front and rear end caps. It’s expected to retail for €1,195 / $1,350 when it becomes available to order through Irix’s online shop and at authorized Irix retailers.

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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