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Video: A cheeky hands-on ‘review’ of a limited-edition ‘Vintage Camera’ LEGO set

Back in November, LEGO website Brickset released a very limited-edition ‘Vintage Camera’ set for Black Friday that could only be acquired by using VIP points awarded for making purchases on the site. While availability was scarce, YouTuber Wizard of Bricks managed to get their hands on one and subsequently created a tongue-in-cheek video ‘review’ of the 179-piece LEGO set.

The six-minute video is a cheeky parody of the usual trends and stylizations of hands-on camera reviews seen on YouTube. It goes over the overall build of the LEGO set and highlights the entirely fictitious specifications of the Leica-inspired rangefinder camera set. In addition to the lens included with the camera and the single roll of 35mm Kodak film included in the set, Wizard of Bricks also created third-party lenses for the camera and an array of other film canisters, including options from Agfa, Fujifilm and Ilford.

This MOC (My Own Creation), as the LEGO community refers to them, isn’t the first camera-related build we’ve seen over the years. Back in 2018, Leica partnered with LEGO to create brick-made versions of its various M-series cameras and this past August, a LEGO Ideas user created a MOC of the Ur-Leica, the first Leica camera, created and used by Ernst Leitz in 191.

The video even takes a look at the packaging and instructions included with the limited-edition set. While it’s possible the set (#6392344) might eventually be able to be found online, it’s unlikely many were produced considering it was shared as a promotional item for Brickset users who had 2,000 VIP points to spend over the 2021 Black Friday Weekend.

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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