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Samyang sneakily shares its first teaser for a forthcoming 135mm F1.8 lens for Sony E-mount cameras

Note the size of the 135mm F1.8 lens (center, no red ring) compared to Samyang’s AF 24-70mm F2.8 lens for Sony E-mount cameras.

To celebrate the turn of the new year, optics manufacturer Samyang published a video showcasing a collection of its lenses followed by a brief display of digital fireworks. While it might seem like your usual marketing post to ring in the new year, it turns out Samyang snuck in a little teaser for a forthcoming lens.

Although not nearly as clear as the ‘135 / 1.8 FE’ test, it appears that ‘AF’ precedes that text, pointing towards this being an autofocus lens. That would make this Samyang’s longest AF lens to date.

As spotted by Sony Addict, if you pay close attention to the first few frames of the teaser, you’ll notice a lens that isn’t yet available to purchase. While difficult to spot, if you look closely enough, you’ll clearly see a lebel that reads ‘135 / 1.8 FE,’ a clear nod to a future 135mm F1.8 lens for Sony E-mount camera systems. The screenshot appears to show ‘AF’ too, which suggests this lens would be autofocus, making it the company’s longest AF lens to date.

No other information is provided about the lens in the teaser, but it’s clear the lens is quite large, coming in at roughly the same size as Samyang’s AF 24–70mm F2.8 lens that’s sitting next to it in the teaser.

This article comes from DP Review and can be read on the original site.

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