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The Horse Driving Trials

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The Horse Driving Trials Video Footage describes an equestrian sport, also known as Combined driving, that involves carriage driving. In this discipline the driver sits on a vehicle drawn by a single horse, a pair or a team of four. The sport has three phases: dressage, cross-country marathon and obstacle cone driving.

As a result the competitors must complete the Dressage phase, consisting of a sequence of set movements, driven from memory, to display the schooling and obedience of the animals.

Elegance often takes on a place of prestige and with original vintage carriages or exact replicas. Consequently the entire crew is carefully inspected by the judges who evaluate the driver’s and groom’s harness and carriage retention and cleanliness of the whole. In addition moving tests are also carried out. In conclusion the harmony, rhythm, coleur coordination that is the result of months of training and the hidden hilarity of the participants provokes a special emotion that everyone can somehow enjoy.

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