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Medieval Historical Combat Reenactment Video Footage

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medieval combat
Medieval Historical Reenactment Showreel

The Medieval historical and combat reenactment video footage describes a form of historical reenactment that focuses on re-enacting European history in the period from the fall of Rome to about the end of the 15th century. The second half of this period is often called the Middle Ages.

The goal of the reenactor and their group is to portray an accurate interpretation of a person who credibly could exist at a specific place and at a specific point in time while at the same time remaining approachable to the public. Furthermore examples of living history activities include everyday life, authentic camping and cooking.

While the principal aim of this reenactment is to re-create methods of combat, reenactors try to get as close to real combat as possible and  they fight putting heavy blows of sword on the opponent’s shield and armor.

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