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Leica releases a $5,995 Q2 Reporter with an olive green paint scheme and Kevlar body wrap

If you thought supply chain constraints would stop Leica from releasing new, limited-edition camera models, you’ve been bamboozled. Today, Leica has released the Q2 Reporter, a limited-edition version of its Leica Q2 fixed-lens camera that comes wrapped in Kevlar and features an olive green paint job.

If the ‘Reporter’ nomenclature sounds familiar, it’s because Leica released a ‘Reporter’ version of its M10-P camera back in January 2020. As was the case with the M10-P Reporter, the Q2 reporter remains functionally unchanged from its standard counterpart.

At the heart of the camera is the same 47.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor behind a fixed Summilux 28mm F1.7 ASPH lens—the same setup used in the standard Leica Q2. The system is powered by Leica’s Maestro II image processor, which helps to deliver 13 stops of dynamic range with an ISO range of 50 through 50,000.

The only differences between the two cameras are visual, starting first with a matte green paint job that Leica says is abrasion and scratch resistant. Wrapped around the frame of the camera is Kevlar woven in a unique pattern. Leica says that although the Kevlar is black, when exposed to UV rays, it will change color over time to more closely match the matte green finish on the rest of the camera. Leica also says the wear will also accentuate the bumps in the weave, resulting in a better grip on the camera.

The Leica Q2 Reporter will be available starting next week for $5,995 (Adorama, B&H), a $300 premium over the standard Q2. Leica also says a Monochrom Reporter variant will launch in March 2022.

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