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Slideshow: The hilarious winners of the 2021 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Winners of the 2021 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

This past Summer, the annual Comedy Pet Photography Awards made a call for entries. ‘Whizz Pop’ by Zoe Ross, which catches a moment where a bubble appears in front of her black Labrador puppy’s behind, was declared the Overall Winner. Ross received a £2,000 cash prize and another £10,000 was donated to competition partner Animal Friends Insurance.

The puppy, whose name is Pepper, was adopted as a companion for another dog, Dolly, who was facing separation anxiety. “She’s been a wonderful addition to the family, providing lots of extra love and entertainment for all of us, especially Dolly – they are inseparable,” says Ross.

All winning and finalist photographs can be viewed at the Comedy Pet Photography Awards website in their 2021 Gallery.

Overall Winner: ‘Whizz Pop’ by Zoe Ross

Animal and Location: Labrador puppy, Penkridge, UK

About this Image: Playing with bubbles in the garden I think I may of swollen one.

Dog Category Winner, Our Best Friends: ‘Jurassic Bark’ by Carmen Cromer

Animal and Location: Dog, Pittsboro, North Carolina

About this Image: My golden retriever, Clementine, loves to stick her face in front of the hose while I water the plants. Her expression in this photo made me think of a tyrannosaurus rex, hence the title, Jurassic Bark… duh nuh nuuuh nuhnuh, duh nuh nuuuh nuh nuh, dun duh duuuh nuh nuh nuh nUUUUUUhhhh.

Cat Category Winner, Our Fabulous Feline Friends: ‘Photobomb’ by Kathryn Trott

Animal and Location: Ystradgynlais

About this Image: Jeff stealing the limelight from his brother Jaffa.

The Mighty Horse Category Winner: ‘I Said ‘Good Morning” by Mary Ellis

Animal and Location: Horse, Platte River State Park, Nebraska

About this Image: I like to visit the stable horses before I begin my hike at the State Park…this is the reply I received when I said ‘Good Morning’.

All Other Creatures Category Winner: ‘The Eureka Moment!’ by Sophie Bonnefoi

Animal and Location: 2 chicks, Oxford, UK

About this Image: Cutie and Speedy are 2 chicks hatched from eggs placed in an incubator at home in August 2020. They spent their first few weeks indoors. On the photo they are just over 2 weeks old. They were curious about everything. This is the day they discovered their own shadow. It was hilarious to see them wondering and exploring that “dark thing” that was moving with them!

Junior Category Winner: ‘Sit.’ by Suzi Lonegran

Animal and Location: Labrador dog, Pacific Palisades, California

About this Image: Our granddaughter gave the command to sit. Beau is very obedient.

Pets Who Look Like Their Owners Category Winner: ‘…That was a good one!!’ by Jakub Gojda

Animal and Location: Horse, Czech Republic

About this Image: This photo was taken by accident during the photography of my ex-girlfriend with her beloved mare. For this cheerful moment, I thank the fly that sat on the horse’s nose and he instinctively shook his head. And so it seems that the humor between a horse and a woman is definitely not missing :)).

Highly Commended: ‘Crazy in Love with Fall’ by Diana Jill Mehner

Location: Paderborn, Germany

About this Image: This is Leia. As you can see, she definitly love playing with all the leaves in autumn – and yes it was really tricky to take this picture because you never know where the dog will act and what it is going to do next :D.

Highly Commended: ‘Boing’ by Christine Johnson

Location: Crosby, UK

About this Image: I was busy playing with my dog on the beach and this dog came to play. I liked the shapes he was making in the air.

Highly Commended: ‘Ostrich Style’ by Manel Subirats Ferrer

Location: Platja del Prat de Llobregat (Catalonia)

About this Image: Little Nuka playing hide and seek one day at the beach.

Highly Commended: ‘Nosy Neighbor’ by Colin Doyle

Location: Bromsgrove, UK

About this Image: According to Ozzy we need a new fence panel ASAP. He is fed up with Chester our nosy next door neighbour spying on him every time he has a meal.

Highly Commended: ‘A Warm Spot on a Cold Day’ by Cory Seeman

Location: Michigan

About this Image: Two of the morning regulars at the dog park are Gary (hound mix with the jacket) and Kona – who is one of the most chill dogs ever. Got this picture of Gary finding a warm place to sit on this cold winter’s day – February 9th, 2021.

Highly Commended: ‘Photo Bomb’ by Mollie Cheary

Location: Poole, UK

About this Image: Bailey was so excited to see her friends, she couldn’t sit still for a photo.

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