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Gray Wolf/Timber Wolf (Canis lupus)

Discounted video footage

Wolf snow
Wolf snow

The Gray Wolf, Canis Lupus, Timber Wolf Video Footage shows gray wolves in different situations and scenarios. The collection allows you to see the wolves also at other times of day and night, winter and summer and finally eating their prey.

The gray wolf is one of the world’s best-known and most-researched animals, with probably more books written about it than any other wildlife species. Consequently it has a long history of association with humans, having been despised and hunted in most pastoral communities because of its attacks on livestock, while conversely being respected in some agrarian and hunter-gatherer societies.

Two Grey Wolves (Canis Lupus) Running And Fighting At Night.

In conclusion, although the fear of wolves is pervasive in many human societies, the majority of recorded attacks on people have been attributed to animals suffering from rabies. Maybe non-rabid wolves have attacked and killed people, mainly children, but this is rare, as wolves are relatively few, live away from people, and have developed a fear of humans from hunters and shepherds.

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