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Slideshow: the Winner and Finalists for the 2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year competition

Winner and Finalists for the 2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year competition

The overall winner and finalists for the 2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year (IWPOTY) competition have been announced. More than 1,500 images from 415 photographers in 58 countries were submitted to 9 categories including Black & White, Epic Location, and Couple Portrait.

Fabio Mirulla, from Italy, was declared the overall winner for his brilliant composition of a light shade cleverly concealing a bride. He will receive a Canon EOS R5 camera and other accessories from additional sponsors. The runner-up was taken by duo Willow & Wolf. It depicts a couple that hiked all night to reach a mountain top at sunrise, before marrying in the afternoon.

All winner and finalist photos can be on IWPOTY’s website.

2021 Winner: Fabio Mirulla

Artist Statement: I love shooting creative photos with everyday life objects, that can turn out to be the best props just looking at them with different eyes, those of a child that can never get enough of dreaming.

Great couples give me the chance to do one of the things that I love about my work, experimenting, that’s what happened during this shoot thanks also to a great friend of mine.

This photo is part of an amazing wedding that I loved to shoot since the first moment.

Sometimes it happens to me when I meet a new couple to have good vibes about them and that was the case. Both the bride and the groom were wonderful and when I feel the connection with them and they trust me, my work gets really easy to do.

Their day developed in a roller-coaster of laughters and tears, starting with the getting ready where I had the chance to shoot this great photo, then the ceremony with the little children waiting for the bride outside the church, the moving moments of the couple that went to visit the grave of bride’s father and the happiness again during the party.

2021 Runner Up: Andrew Pavlidis

Artist Statement: This summer we hiked more than ever! We have finally had the time to sit and reflect on what an amazing season it was. We are absolutely exhausted but our hearts could not be more full. We were so lucky to meet so many adventurous humans who decided to embrace the outdoors on their wedding day.

Throughout the summer we hiked over 200km and gained over 70,000 ft in elevation (the equivalent of hiking Mt Everest nearly 6 times). All with backpacks full of cameras, lenses, blankets and coffee!

We saw the moon rise and set in all of its phases. Experienced thunderstorms, snowstorms, rainbows, inversions, meteor showers and northern lights. We photographed our couples in all weather and embraced everything that came our way.

With each year that passes we only become more grateful for the couples we meet, the love we get to witness, and the experiences we gain. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for following along.

Dance Floor, Finalist: Ken Pak

Artist Statement: After taking a few random photos of the tent with sunset, I sighted the shadow of the poles projected by my freestanding speed-lights. I then ran back to the dance floor to ask my second photographer to keep only one of the speed-lights on. I ran outside of the tent and I was barely able to capture this moment before the couple walked away from the dance floor.

Couple Portrait, Top Scoring: Dane Tucker

Artist Statement: Once upon a time in Canberra. My brain isn’t working this morning. That’s all I got.

Couple Portrait, Top Scoring: Fabio Mirulla

Artist Statement: Irene and Danielle wedding.

Epic Location, Top Scoring: Sergey Laprovsky

Artist Statement: Not available.

From Above, Top Scoring: Sergey Laprovsky

Artist Statement: Not available.

Single Capture, Top Scoring: Adriana Ortiz

Artist Statement: Viernes de ver esta secuencia mínimo 12 veces y de ahora en adelante querer besuquear a su pareja siempre y únicamente con humos de colores atrás.

Solo Portrait, Top Scoring: Anna Tarabrina

Artist Statement: Not available.

Solo Portrait, Top Scoring: Serafeim Serafeimidis

Artist Statement: Not available.

Engagement/Non Wedding, Top Scoring: Gaelle Mehuet

Artist Statement: Not available.

Black & White, Top Scoring: Catherine Ekkelboom-White

Artist Statement: I love that so many of my couples aren’t bothered about a little wind in their hair on their wedding day.⁠

It certainly adds to the drama and epic vibes of the photos!⁠

E & M definitely had some of the strongest wind on their wedding day, with crazy gusts from the Atlantic Ocean bringing in the fog during their intimate wedding in Ireland.⁠

They were absolute champs though, and nothing was going to stop them having their ceremony outside.⁠

Afterwards, we all headed to the pub to warm up with a hot toddy which is definitely one of the best ways to warm up on a cold day!⁠

Bridal Party, Top Scoring: Lucy Spartalis

Artist Statement: In case you’ve ever wondered, this is what a spontaneous group acapella rendition of ‘Spice Up Your Life’ looks like.

Highly recommended.

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