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Shooting Trick Shots for FX and Superheroes for Marvel—Learn How This DP Brings His Vision to Life in Any Genre

Jules O’Loughlin is a cinematographer who knows a thing or two about creating great shots grounded in both hyper-real and naturalistic worlds.

There are many pieces that have to fit together for a television series to work properly. Everyone on the production works together to bring to life some of the most compelling stories that the audience has ever seen. Having a strong cinematographer on these projects can help shape the visual storytelling which heightens the greatness of the series storytelling.

Luckily for Marvel’s Ms. Marvel and Hulu’s The Old Man, the series finds a balance that highlights the beauty of the shows’ unique worlds thanks to their director of photography, Jules O’Loughlin. Whether he is working with the VFX team while planning for a superhero fight sequence or finding the right lighting to ground the world in realism, O’Loughlin is a master at crafting a shot that heightens the depth of beauty of whatever world he is in.

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Author: Alyssa Miller
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