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DJI’s Avata FPV drone appears on FCC database, could be nearing release

We first heard rumours of DJI’s ducted cinewhoop style FPV drone back in May of this year, but now, it would seem that we’re nearing launch.

It’s called the DJI Avata, and it has just turned up on the FCC database, alongside new goggles and an Air Unit.

The FCC regulates wireless products in the US market, and rigorously tests new products to ensure their safety.

When a product appears on the database, you can be pretty certain that a launch is imminent, so we’re very excited to see what’s next for DJI.

A new detail that has been revealed is the battery capacity for the Avata, which according to labels on the FCC database will be 2,420 mAh.

This is larger than the current DJI FPV battery, which gives 20-minutes of flight time using its 2,000 mAh pack.

However, we’re not sure this will mean more flight time, as the smaller propellers and large mass of ducted drones usually equate to less efficiency.

For those not familiar, a cinewhoop is an FPV drone with ducts or propeller guards that allow it to be flown closer to people, and objects, without risk of the propellers causing damage.

The term comes from the DIY racing drone community, and the technology has gained a lot of popularity with savvy filmmakers.

Until now, however, there has been no mainstream user-friendly variant, and DJI is looking to change that.

With regards to the other FCC listings, the goggles referenced will likely come bundled with the Avata, as well as being sold separately.

It’s not yet known if these new goggles will be compatible with the previous DJI FPV system, but we’re certainly hoping they are.

The Air Unit is a product for DIY FPV enthusiasts and allows the goggles to be used with custom-built drones. Again, we hope this is cross-compatible with other DJI FPV products, but time will tell.

Author: Luke Baker
This article comes from Pocket-lint and can be read on the original site.

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