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Willem Dafoe Wants to Play a Joker Alongside Joaquin Phoenix

The Joker movie left a lot of room open for a crossover.

If you were under a rock the last few years, you might have missed the fact that The Joker made a billion dollars and was one of the most successful and audience-pleasing movies in recent memory. It stirred controversy with some of its subject matter, but it was definitely embraced. Joaquin Phoenix was lauded for his performance. It was transformative.

As it turns out, fellow actor Willem Dafoe (along with many others) was watching.

Dafoe is famous for lots of roles, including the Spider-Man villain Green Goblin. To say that he plays a great villain is an understatement. And now, Dafoe is interested in teaming up with Phoenix to bring two great villains to the screen.

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Author: Jason Hellerman
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